Asylum seekers infiltrate bogan ranks and cause traffic chaos!

The election did not need injections of stupidity from anyone, and yet… we got it.

Fiona Scott is the LNP candidate for Lindsay, a seat in Sydney’s west that includes Penrith. The seat is currently held by a sliver by Labor’s David Bradbury. Bradbury, some may recall, was conspicuously photographed with then-PM Gillard on navy vessels as they patrolled our northern waters; implicitly touting his ‘tough’ stance on illegal immigration too.

Firstly; I worked for the Department of Immigration for 2 years during the end of the last government. I was involved with the promotion of the so-called Pacific Solution to South East Asia. I won’t go into details except to state, as fact, that a) Most boat arrivals are not legitmate refugees, b) the Pacific Solution, coupled with the capacity building programs we undertook, we highly effective as deterrents, and c) smashing the people smuggling networks is a worth humanitarian goal.

With that out of the way – and I’m not going to go into more detail, sorry. People are free to disagree but unless they were there, their opinion is uninformed and worthless – let’s turn our attention to what Ms Scott said.

Ms Scott claimed that refugees are not only causing delays in our hospitals but are creating the kind of traffic jam that makes the M4 motorway a parking lot each morning.

I guess I can see now why Mr Abbott didn’t touch on her intellect or policy acumen when he described her as young, feisty, and having a bit of “sex appeal” (not to be outdone, walking arse-crack Mark Latham decided this was an ok metric to use for women, except not in this case as Ms Scott just wasn’t sexy to him). Because, I’m sorry to say, anyone who thinks traffic is related to refugees is dumber than a box of hammers; and whilst I’m aware there’s a certain level of historical atrocity associated with forced sterilisation, we may have a case for it here. 

I know the M4. I used to live in the Blue Mountains. I’m not proud of it but it happened, so moving on… the M4 is a parking lot because bogans like driving their maxtreme cars to work. You could get the train and read a book, but then you might miss out on the hilarious antics of another human arse-crack, Kyle Sandilands on the radio. Plus the train doesn’t go through the drive through!

So in effect, Ms Scott has not only tried to whip up a frenzy, she’s used said frenzy as a fig leaf to cover up the indecency of her constituents.

Do you want me to vote Labor? I’ll fucking do it if you keep this horse-shit up.


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